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New Brand Rollout Campaign

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Brand launch best practices – implement a rolling launch to keep the conversation going about the new brand among key stakeholders, internal and external audiences.

Tools & Tactics

Rollout activities should be six to eight weeks before official launch date (August 21).


  • Buy “teaser” (coming real soon) advertising in local and regional media including:
    • The Pilot
    • The Daily Advance
    • Inside Business
    • New Journal & Guide
    • Richmond Times-Dispatch
    • Virginia Business Magazine
  • Create a specialized media list (publications interested in the business of branding)
  • Stage a series of pop-up events to introduce new brand (on campus, Opening Session, downtown Norfolk, civic league meetings, Agoge Week, etc.)
  • Stage a pop-up event where employees, students turn in old NSU clothing in exchange for new; promote a clothing recycling project with I:CO (I Collect USA)
  • News releases (new brand general announcement & pop-ups; subsequent releases announcing each pop-up event, etc.)
  • Teaser messages, key messages and images posted social media channels (new photos)
  • “Leak” promotional items in a preview-type to interested media
  • Post news releases in NSU Newsroom
  • Create video – story of new brand development; post on social media channels
  • “Leak” promotional items in preview for key stakeholders including alumni; direct mail with a teaser enclosure message
  • Take images of employees “marking through” old logo on tote bags or t-shirts and handwriting new logo; post photos to social media
  • Create special edition of “Making Waves” – all about the new NSU brand
  • Create specially designed “campus announcements” with coming soon messages
  • Create teaser web banners; marquee messages


Web Advertising

  • HBCU Digest
  • Facebook
  • News channel websites
  • YouTube


Broadcast Advertising

  • Local and regional news stations

Publicity Tactics

Evaluation Evaluate social media analytics early August

Create a telephone log for audience response

Analyze web stats for audience response and feedback

Review WordPress analytics (special edition)